Long story short


  • Part Danish, part German
  • Born and bred in Denmark, currently living in Sardinia, Italy
  • I speak 4 languages: Danish, German, English and Italian
  • I was born in 1990


  • Strategic communication
  • Brand voice and storytelling
  • Thought leadership
  • Online brand presence
  • Behaviour and decision making
  • Business communication across European countries


  • Working in marketing and brand communication since 2013.
  • Professional experience from both brand and agency side.
  • Creating branding and communication activities in more than 10 countries.
  • Experience with everything from technical setup and practical implementation, to strategy creation and management // from SaaS to FMCG to B2B // from being a marketing assistant at a start-up, to being the Regional Online Manager for the Nordics and Baltics at Bosch Power Tools.
  • Graduating from Copenhagen Business School, one of Europe’s top business schools: Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Service Management, Master’s in Brand and Communication Management. Topics including communication strategy, psychology, sociology, neuroscience of marketing, business strategy, and consumer behaviour.

The long story

Growing up bilingual I quickly discovered the importance of being able communicate well. Good communication is not just about putting words together to form a sentence. Good communication takes a broad variety of factors into account, such as: the person you are talking to, the cultural setting, the situation, and your objective. Growing up juggling two different languages and cultures taught me that getting my message across takes much more than just vocal cords and grammar.

I always knew that I wanted to create an impact. I wanted my work to create strong impressions and lasting experiences. For a while, I was convinced that I was supposed to create events. Concerts, sport events, shows – the bigger the better. But after a few semesters at university, I realized that my interest and true strength was in the field of communication and strategy. There is a certain finesse and elegance to the way the detail makes the difference: the detail creates the story. As a species, we understand the world through stories, not numbers. With stories and communication techniques, you create connections, image, and business – you awaken potential. This is impact on a whole other level.

I steered my educational path towards the art of effective strategic communication, digging deeper into topics like psychology, sociology, neuroscience of marketing, strategy, consumer behaviour, cross-cultural communication, and economic psychology. Through education and professional experience, I specialized in consumer behaviour and decision-making, and how to cater communication to how we humans tick.

Within a short period of time I managed to gain extensive professional experience in the world of branding and communications. I have worked for a SaaS start-up, as well as for one of the biggest companies in the world. I started as a marketing assistant and ended up as regional online manager, overseeing all online brand presence in 8 countries. I have approached tasks from brand side as well as agency side. It is safe to say that I got a good look into the machinery of contemporary marketing communication, and what I found was a significant blind spot.

The communication and marketing industry has been so busy striving towards the next big thing, the new fad, and the next algorithm. Spending ever bigger budgets on an ever-growing number of channels was seen as the only way to get results. Because God forbid, you would fall behind in this never-ending race! So, what about the 90% of businesses out there, that don’t have neither budget nor need for marketing in these ginormous proportions?

I found, that for the 90%, less is truly more! Most of the marketing industry seemed to have forgotten that the prerequisite of effective marketing is a solid base – the good brand story. For most, investing in the brand identity and story, and a subsequent communication guideline will yield better, and more sustainable results than endless campaigning on an infinite number of platforms.

In 2017 I decided to pull the plug on my fast-paced corporate marketing career and move to Sardinia (if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere – believe me, the person who wrote that about New York has not been to Sardinia). Since then, I have created sustainable growth through brand storytelling, thought leadership, and communication strategies for companies in Denmark, Germany and Italy. And now, I figured it was finally time to practice what I preach. Thus, this website and blog.

If you want to market yourself and your company to humans, you need to know what humans are all about. What are our thought patterns? Why do we behave like we do? What influences us? On what do we base our decisions? These questions are what makes me tick. The answers are complex, ever-changing, and cannot be summarized in numbers. But get the answers for your target group right, and base your communication strategy thereupon, and you have a goldmine. I hope that by sharing bits and pieces of my knowledge, I can inspire you to reach your brand’s full potential.

In my blog you’ll find short-form articles about the “other side” of marketing, the side that’s often forgotten, but oh so valuable. The hands-on, good-to-know things I’ve learned to have a significant impact. It’ll only take you 5 minutes to get through a blog post, I promise. I call it #coffeebreakcontent.

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