Thought Leadership

Creating thought leadership means becoming the opinion leader and go-to brand in your field.
Thought leadership increases visibility through publicity and builds credibility and trust. It leads to an increase in sales, opportunities, and influence, and is one the most valuable and durable marketing methods out there.
It’s not easy, creating though leadership takes time and effort, but it’s worth it!
I create the strategy and content that positions your company as the thought leader in your field, making you stand out from the crowd.

Brand Identity & Storytelling

“People don’t care about your product!”
You’ve heard this one a million times, right?
So what do they actually care about? People not only relate to stories, they consume them. The most successful brands, whether they’re B2C or B2B, all have one thing in common: a good story!
Mapping out your brand identity and brand story is a difficult task, requiring insight and expertise, but once it’s done it’ll make your marketing easier, more efficient – and more profitable!
I help you create the brand story that will make your customers choose your brand over that of your competitors – the story that sells.


How do you get the right message across to the right audience?
At small and medium-sized companies, the creation of an actual communication strategy is often neglected. It is a lot of work, and without a dedicated team with the right expertise, it’s an uphill battle. Nonetheless, the communication strategy is crucial. You can’t just “wing” efficient and coherent communication.
As a consultant, I support you in all things brand and communications related, from strategy creation, implementation and management to in-office workshops and ad hoc consultancy.

Online Brand Presence

We all know that being present online is important. We also know that social media is not much of a choice anymore. But how do you render your online presence efficient?
Much of contemporary marketing will have you believe that you have to be present everywhere – all the time. All platforms, all types of content, all your money. But in reality, most often less is more!
I tailor your online presence to fit your business goals, making sure that your brand is both present and relevant at key touchpoints throughout the purchase funnel. Reduce the noise, increase your marketing ROI.  

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